Saturday, May 19, 2012

Look What 's Blooming In My Garden


Salvia Celestial Blue Sage 

Dusty Miller is grown primarily for its
attractive silver-gray foliage rather than its yellow flowers. 

Coreopsis a. 'Nana'
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  1. Lovely flowers! I don't know that I have every seen dusty miller with flowers here! My lilies usually don't bloom until mid-June. I don't want to rush the season away but I can hardly wait for my plants to get into full bloom :) Yours are beautiful! Have a terrific evening ♥

  2. I have grown dusty miller for years and have never had it bloom in Minnesota. Beautiful lilies, one of my favorites!

  3. My orange lilies are about to bloom. Years ago I had Dusty Miller, but I don't remember it ever blooming. How interesting.

  4. Jo, the flowers in your yard are really taking off. Very colorful and beautiful to look at.

  5. Joann your flowers and plants are beautiful. Wish I had a green thumb like you. I've decided you must just be born with it. What a great gift you have been blessed with. I'm jealous!!


  6. So beautiful! My lilies are just starting to bud up.

    Visiting late from MYM, here's my Yellow Roses, come and see.

  7. Your garden has a lot more color than mine! Very pretty...happy gardening!